Training Technology

X-Treme Elastic Resistance With Dave Schmitz

When I recently travelled to Little Rock to present at the annual JP Fitness Summitt, I, like many others who were in attendance, was amazed by the energy and passion of Dave Schmitz, who gave an utterly dynamic presentation on the creative use of elastic resistance.

After his talk, I (like many others) came to the unavoidable conclusion that I had been overlooking one of the most potent training technologies available- heavy elastic resistance bands.


Elastic Resistance is multi-planar, and non- gravity dependant.

Later that day, I asked Dave if I could interview him for our weekly Coaching Group call, and I'm happy to tell you that we'll be chatting with Dave tomorrow at 4:00pm pacific time.

Call Julianne at the office right now to get on this tele- seminar!

If you'd like to find out why I'm so excited about the possibilities of elastic resistance, or if you need some new tools for yourself or your clients, just call Julianne at the office at 800-519-2492. If you get her voicemail, just leave a message and she'll get right back to you.

Thanks, and please say "Hi" when you call in tomorrow!

PS: Trust me, Dave has forgotten more about the use of heavy elastic resistance than most people will ever know in a lifetime. If you think you've seen it all, Dave will prove you wrong tomorrow. Get on the call- the knowledge you gain wil benefit you for years to come.